XCode is not an IDE

Seriously. There are a few things which disqualify XCode as an IDE and there are a few more that disqualify it as an IDE for C++.

  1. No block indenting via Tab (and Shift+Tab)
  2. Automatically indenting but not being able to automatically remove previously inserted spaces
  3. Hiding project settings in multiple configuration windows
  4. Broken Ctrl-Tab completion
  5. “XCode can only refactor C and Objective-C code.”
  6. Displaying the warning on a line that has errors and warnings

Hello world!

Even though WordPress puts this initial blog post in by itself I decided to keep the heading. Well, I cannot deny it, I am a nerd and the “hello world” just seems the most natural thing to put down as my first post.

Anyways, I’am not completely sure how WordPress works nowadays but I guess I’ll figure it out.

With that most vital piece of information out of the way, here’s why I started writing a blog (again). It has certainly been a while since my last blogging days over here¬†and there as well, I started out writing in English. Let’s see how long I can keep it up this time…

So mostly this is more like a diary for myself rather than anyone else but for who is interested I’ll do it publicly. What I’ve realised is that mostly I don’t have much to say to the world that is of importance so don’t worry there’s not going to be too much of that around here. However, since I turned 30 this year a lot of things are changing and I wanted to archive my thoughts on some of these ongoing projects.

Most importantly, I left the company I worked for and started a company with a former colleague. I’ll be talking about it more in future once things settle down a bit. For now I’ll be keeping notes of the adventures of founding a company in Germany. Some of this may be useful for others, most of it will be worth a hearty laugh in a few years time…

I am not setting myself a schedule of when to post or anything. It may be very irregular updates but anyways, here it is – my new shiny blog!